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Hearing Loss in One Ear: Causes & Treatment

What are the symptoms of unilateral hearing loss? What causes single-sided hearing loss? How is hearing loss in one ear treated? Let’s look at the causes and treatments for single-ear hearing loss and how it might be affecting your quality of life. Every day in the...

Are Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids Any Good?

What are some of the reasons someone might choose an over-the-counter hearing aid? How do these inexpensive devices stack up? While OTC hearing aids offer some benefits, let’s take a look at how they compare to a custom option. If you’ve visited a pharmacy or big...

Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline...What's the Connection

Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline: What’s the Connection?

Globally, millions of people face some form of hearing impairment. As more attention is paid to the impacts hearing loss can have on people, recent studies have revealed a correlation between hearing loss and cognitive decline (difficulties with brain functions...