Hearing Aid Fitting

A great fit is vital to a great hearing experience. Associated Hearing provides each and every one of our patients personalized care and a precise fit, so that they can re-engage with the people and the things that they love the most.

an Associated Hearing audiologist fitting a hearing aid in a patient's ear
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Associated Hearing is dedicated to giving you a proper fit

After you’ve had your hearing thoroughly examined, we’ll discuss the results of your tests so that you clearly understand all aspects of your hearing condition.
After answering any questions you may have, we’ll discuss technology options, based on the right processing power, features, and available accessories that align with your hearing loss, your lifestyle, and your budget.

We customize your hearing aids so that they complement who you are

In the instance that you need custom components, such as custom earmolds or a custom device, we’ll take impressions of your ears and send them to the manufacturer for production. Once your custom components are available, we’ll schedule your hearing aid fitting appointment. Your hearing aid fitting appointment is designed to help us validate that the technology we’ve chosen not only fits as comfortably and securely as it should, but also that the device itself can be properly programmed to enhance your hearing.
an Associated Hearing audiologist fitting a hearing aid in a patient's ear
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The hearing aid fitting process is a crucial step to your success

We’ll go through a series of adjustments, both in terms of modifying the volume so that it’s comfortable and effective for your hearing, but also so that we can program the devices in accordance with your audiogram. This means that we’re using a specific piece of software to essentially tell the hearing aids that these are the precise frequencies where you need support. When you first start wearing your devices, you might be surprised by how many of life’s more subtle sounds you’ve been missing. Just as hearing loss is often a gradual occurrence, so is transitioning to better hearing. There is a brief but necessary period of adjustment where your brain must adapt to this enhanced world of sound.

Hearing aids are an investment — and investment in you

After your devices have been precisely programmed and properly fit, we’ll discuss other aspects of wearing a hearing aid, including how to change the battery (or use the charger, if you’ve chosen rechargeable hearing aids), how to clean your devices between professional cleanings, safe ways to travel with your devices, and other considerations you’ll want to be aware of. As you adjust your devices and to an enhanced hearing world, you may need small but critical adjustments to your technology. This part of the hearing process is one that we enjoy, because it gives us more time to get to know you as we fine-tune your devices and ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment.
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