Balance Treatment

Many balance and dizziness difficulties are caused by issues in the middle or inner ear. An evaluation by the Associated Hearing team can help you get the right diagnosis and treatment, so you can confidently get back on your feet!
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Why do I feel off-balance?

Did you know that a fear of falling is one of the most common fears of older folks in America? Falls can lead to greater injuries, injuries that can immobilize people and keep them from being the independent, active individuals they love to be. Much of our sense of balance occurs in our inner ear, where our vestibular system is located. The vestibular system is responsible for our sense of balance and spatial orientation. Also found in the inner ear is our hearing nerve and cochlea, comprising our auditory system, and making our hearing and sense of balance closely related.
When people are experiencing balance or dizziness issues, this typically points to an equilibrium disorder. These equilibrium disorders can usually be divided into two distinct categories:
  • A persistent loss of sure-footedness, where the person affected feels consistently unsteady
  • Acute bouts imbalance, vertigo, or dizziness that might only last for seconds or hours
Though these experiences are common, you don’t have to just live with the constant discomfort of vertigo or the looming fear of falling. You can get help. And Associated Hearing can help you. Our team is composed of trained doctors of audiology, with specialized training in the vestibular system. Call on us when you need your balance tested. We’ll work with you to understand its cause, and find the right treatment methods that can make balance issues, dizziness, and vertigo a thing of the past.

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