Custom-Fit Musician Monitors and Custom Earbuds

You can have the sound clarity you want and the hearing protection that your ears’ deserve — all at the same time!
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Every musician deserves custom in-ear monitors

As a musician, how can you perform your best if you can’t hear your best? Achieving the level of clarity you need in a live performance setting can often be difficult. Most musicians are regularly exposed to a mishmash of sounds in a live setting, with a venue’s main PA, the stage monitors, and the band itself all battling for your hearing’s attention. Not only is this distracting, but this high level of noise can be permanently damaging your hearing if you’re not protecting yourself. There is a better and safer way to experience your music in a live-setting, and that is with a set of custom-molded in-ear monitors. These in-ear monitors make the traditional stage monitor obsolete, because they deliver the exact mix of sound you need to perform your best, but at a volume that is safe for your ears. The Associated Hearing team will take molds of your ears, and then create personalized, custom earmolds made of medical-grade silicone — comfortable enough to wear for prolonged performances or rehearsals, durable enough to withstand extended use, and their professional material and fit will provide a superior acoustic seal to give you the protection and clarity you deserve.

Never lose a beat — or your hearing — with custom earbuds

We love to stream media. It’s more common than ever to see folks wearing earbuds in their ears or headphones over their ears. Public transit, working out at the gym, taking walks — pretty much every activity imaginable. We’re music and podcast lovers, too, so we get it. What concerns us, though, is the potential to damage your hearing by listening at too loud of a volume for too long. A lot of the off the shelf earbuds or headphones out there are made to be one-size-fits-all, but their inexact fit means that many will turn up the volume of their devices too loud, increasing the risk for hearing loss. In fact, some suspect that the rise in use of this type of technology might be contributing to a rise in hearing loss in young people. According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), “13 percent of Americans over 12 years old have hearing loss in both ears.” At Associated Hearing, we’re committed to helping people enjoy the things that they love, that’s why we’re proud to offer our community custom-molded earbuds. These custom-molded earbuds fit precisely into the exact shape of your ears, giving you a secure, comfortable fit, zero background noise, and total focus on whatever matters most to you at the moment. They fit and perform so well that you’ll be able to enjoy your audio experience more clearly and at a lower volume than standard earbuds. And they’re a whole lot safer, too! You can even choose a noise-cancelling option, if that’s a feature you desire. We’d be happy to help you learn more about how you can better enjoy your favorite media with greater clarity and increased hearing protection by wearing custom-fit earbuds.

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