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Whether you’re in need of hearing tests, hearing aids, tinnitus or balance treatment, aural rehabilitation, pediatric hearing care, or help with custom hearing protection, musician monitors, or more, Associated Hearing has you covered. We’re proud to serve you!

Dr. Dan Bode performing a hearing exam on a patient

Hearing Tests

Concerned that you or a loved one might be experiencing hearing loss? Time to schedule your annual exam?

Learn more about Associated Hearing’s testing process for better hearing.

Tinnitus Treatment

If you’re hearing buzzing, pulsing, or ringing in your ears that is imperceptible to others, then you might be experiencing tinnitus, a condition that millions of people suffer from. Though incurable, it is treatable.

Learn more about how Associated Hearing treats tinnitus.

Aural Rehabilitation

Hearing loss is a significant change, one that requires consideration, adjustment, and acceptance. Associated Hearing takes a considerate, personalized approach to providing aural rehabilitation to those who need it most.

Learn more about aural rehabilitation services.

Balance Treatment

Our sense of balance largely comes from the health of our inner ear. People experiencing dizziness or balance issues might be suffering from a variety of disorders occurring in their middle or inner ear. Associated Hearing can help.

Learn more about our balance services.

Hearing Protection

We’re not just in the business of hearing technology. We’re also committed to helping people in our community preserve their hearing. Custom-fit hearing protection not only fits better, but it can also do a better job of protecting your hearing!

Learn more about custom-fit protection.

Custom Musician’s Monitors and Custom Earbuds

Calling all music lovers — listeners and performers alike! There’s no better way to capture the nuances of your favorite music than through custom-fit monitors or earbuds. Their personalized fit means a richer sound experience, even at lower volumes!

Learn more about custom-fit musician’s monitors and custom-fit earbuds.

Professional Earwax Removal

Earwax is a natural, necessary occurrence. It protects your ear canals, but when it gets impacted, through the use of cotton swabs, for instance, it can cause blockage, pain, and inhibit you from hearing your best. The best method? Professional wax removal, conducted by the Associated Hearing wax removal experts.

Learn more about safe, professional wax removal.

Caption Phones

Caption phones are just what they sound like — they provide a live transcript of the conversation so that you can read what is being said while it’s being spoken. It’s a revelation for those who have difficulty hearing on the telephone.

Learn more about caption phones.

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